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Hi! Welcome to the Richard Giroday Web Site. After many years of Internet involvements – teaching, designing, creating, programming, surfing, writing, chatting, playing – a number of events occurred that suggested creating an online identity – a one stop shop of information and background about myself and our family. So what will you find here? You will find a little about my background, my experiences and accomplishments, writings, projects, photographs, my family, geneology, some interesting links, and me.

I have watched the growth of the Internet and been a small part of it at various times over the years. Early experiences were exploring the word of “surfing” and “chat” when they first emerged, and as of late the use of the Internet for distance education delivery. The Internet is probably the most powerful change agent in our society in my lifetime. It has changed the way we think, work, play, and socialize. If the “medium is the message”, then the message is we are truly a global village, unlike ever before.

I now teach distance education courses online. Registered in the Master of Distance Education program at Athabasca University, I attend university graduate school in my home office, and engage in discussions and joint projects that are relevant and timely with other graduate students living and working throughout the world. Communicating with family that lives throughout the world, I live daily the global village reality. Computer connectivity is the web that links us together.

Computers have been my interest since I unpacked my first personal computer and began programming it in Basic. How things have changed. The future holds even greater excitement. It unfolds before us and we are part of it.



Brief History | Writings | Projects | Photo Album | Family | Family History | Contact Us | Links